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Source Python Extensions:
SPE is a server plugin for VALVe source games that is geared towards python scripters. It allows for unprecedented access to the internals of the source engine, giving scripters never before seen power.

About SPE

  • Download SPE from the EventScripts forums.
  • SPE Features - Read about how you can benefit from using SPE on your server.
  • SPE FAQ - View frequently asked questions regarding SPE.
  • Known Issues - Read about any known issues with SPE.



Authors and Contributors

  • your-name-here -> Author
  • XE_Manup -> Coding and design of the Python interface <3! argument essay example
  • Mattie -> Major help with python integration and linux support.
  • Einlanzers -> Ridiculous amounts of testing and coding. Can't thank you enough!
  • predcrab -> Answering technical questions.
  • LDuke -> Teaching the author signature scanning which got him into all of this.
  • dvander -> For his awesome sigscanner class, as well as answering a few questions.
  • dyncall -> Incredible foreign function interface library which SPE provides python bindings to.
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